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  • Stress / Anxiety / Panic

    Stress and anxiety are probably involved to some extent in a great many of the causes for clients coming to a hypnotherapist. At our Dublin clinic we help clients to control and eliminate unwanted stress and anxiety.

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  • Pain Control / Pain Management

    We are specialists in Anxiety and Pain management utilising Hypnotherapy in our Dublin clinic. Hypnosis has long been recognised and used for both reducing pain (hypnotic analgesia) and for the total elimination of pain (hypnotic anesthesia). Read More +

  • Hypnosis for Weight Loss

    There are many reasons why we overeat and many different potential weight issues we may face. At Hypnosis Dublin the focus is on dealing with you as an individual, with the goal of bringing control back to you. Read More +

  • Fears and Phobias

    When a fear starts to disrupt your daily life, it’s possible you may be suffering from a phobia. Some fears are important for us to learn, helping us to avoid what is dangerous, but so many others are seemingly irrational yet fill us with dread. Hypnosis Dublin can help you leave your fear behind. Read More +

  • Stop Smoking

    Here at Hypnosis Dublin we offer a very successful stop smoking package to help you STOP easily. Hypnotherapy, NLP and other Psychological techniques are utilised to help you stop and be free.  Read More +

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Welcome to Hypnosis Dublin, the experts in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy serving Dublin and surrounding Counties. We use the latest psychological techniques to allow you to take back control of your life. Whether it is taking control of a fear, a habit or a feeling like anxiety or pain, you are in safe hands. Aidan Caffrey @ Hypnosis Dublin, is one of the leading Hypnotherapists in Dublin and is at the forefront in the field of Hypnosis in Ireland. Click here to find out more about Aidan and Hypnosis Dublin.

By choosing us you are choosing a highly qualified professional in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching, specialising in the treatment of Anxiety and Pain Management. If you want a Hypnotherapist in Dublin or would like more information on Hypnotherapy in Dublin in general, please call us today on 014404343 and we are happy to offer advice on the best option for you. Our Hypnotherapy Clinic in Dublin is located in 'Pure Health' in Ongar Village in Dublin 15.

In looking for a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist in Dublin you should make sure that your therapist is a member of a professional association based in Ireland so that you can rest assured they meet the highest standards required for Hypnosis in Ireland. Aidan is a member of the CHPA, the largest association for Hypnosis in IrelandHe has also been a practitioner of Vipassana meditation (mindfulness) for the past thirty years.

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Clinical Hypnotherapist -

Aidan Caffrey,  MICHP (HyPsych)

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